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Rating: 8.9
Directed by
Jeff Fowler
Written by
Pat Casey, John Whittington
Based on
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Eric André, Machine Gun Kelly, Rachel Wolfson, Jeff Tremaine, Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña, Ehren McGhehey, Tory Belleci, Rob Dyrdek, Dave England, Francis Ngannou, Preston Lacy, Chris Raab
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Paramount Pictures, Sega Sammy Group, Original Film
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"Father Stu" is the film that will premiere on the big screen on the 13th. As part of the releases that seek to attract the public, at a time when the box office is still impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 'Father Stu' is a film starring Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Mexican Teresa Ruiz and Jacki Weaver, which will be released in theaters on April 13.

How to watch Father Stu (2022) Full Movie of a boxer turned priest

The film, written and directed by Rosalind Ross, will connect with the Latino community, since. In addition to being shot in Los Angeles, it tells the true story of a boxer who falls in love with a Hispanic girl. Becomes a priest, and was a great inspiration to many throughout his life.

The exclusive clip that you can see at the beginning of this article focuses on Father Stu (Wahlberg) and Carmen (Ruiz). Who have a heated discussion, in which two issues as delicate as immigration and religionAs we eagerly await the release of Father Stu. the film based on the true-life story of an amateur boxer turned Catholic priest. Lead actor Mark Wahlberg revealed a quote from the film that couldn't have come any longer timely. Just when we experience so much uncertainty in our lives with a pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

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It's something we sometimes forget, and it's not always easy when we feel desperate. But our Heavenly Father is there to give us the strength and courage to surf the tribulations of life All we have to do is ask Life is not easy. But the Lord gives us strength and walks with us And Reinhold Niebuhr's Serenity Prayer seems like the perfect prayer to recite. When we need the peace and courage to endure hardship and the insight to know what we can do to change ourselves.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference Mark Wahlberg is known on screen as an action hero and comedic star. But the role he's been preparing for all his life is of a different kind that of a Catholic priest.

His latest film, "Father Stu", tells the true story of Stuart Long. A boxer who wanted to be an actor, and after a near-death experience on his motorcycle, he converts to Catholicism and decides to enter a seminar.

On his way to the priesthood, Long was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that took his life just seven years after his ordination to the priesthood. Wahlberg says the story reflects his own struggles with faith, and that it was one of the biggest acting challenges of his career.

Will “Father Stu” come to streaming?

The film was shot a year ago in Los Angeles and tells the life of Stuart Long. The boxer and actor who became a priest in the 90's Ruiz (Luis Miguel, the series and Round Trip) plays the young Chicana which. Was the engine for Long's change Wahlberg (Ted) plays Stuart, his character's boyfriend, while Gibson (Braveheart) plays the protagonist's father.

"In the film, Mexican culture is celebrated a lot, not in terms of religion, but of these values that we have such as respect. Honor, the importance of having a family, which are qualities that we are very good at," he added in that occasion.

Wahlberg would have gained 10 kilos to star in Father Stu that will hit theaters in the United States on April 15, 2022.

For Mexico, there is still no official release date. Although it is expected to be a month after arriving in North American theaters.

In recent years people like Eiza González, Diego Luna, Demian Bichir, Eugenio Derbe. Luis Gerardo Méndez and Gael García have played roles of musical directors. Astronauts and police officers, breaking with the stereotype to which the Mexican actor was sent.

Yesterday, face-to-face press activities were held with Ruiz, Wahlberg and Gibson

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Mexican actress Teresa Ruiz tells Efe that she is convinced that "feminine energy". can illuminate the path of those who are lost, as her character does in "Father Stu,". a film that opens next week based on a true story and in which he shares credits with Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson.

"Feminine energy has that ability to be like a light or like a candle that guides the way when one is lost." Ruiz said in an interview with Efe, and is quick to clarify that this energy is present in both men and women.

After achieving notoriety on screen for her role as Isabella Bautista in the series "Narcos: Mexico,". Ruiz got used to playing strong women, as she now does with Carmen, a young woman who teaches Sunday classes at a Catholic church in Los Angeles Angels.

She points out that Carmen's strength comes from within her soul. from where she manages to become the "light that illuminates" the path of Stuart Long, played by Wahlberg.

Will Father Stu be on Netflix?

Claiming the value of people who selflessly help and love others. Is very important for the Mexican actress She also finds it essential to highlight those who struggle in the midst of adversity.

That was precisely what caught her attention in the story of "Father Stu". And why she agreed to participate in the tape written and directed by Rosalind Ross.

Ella “ella” tells of a man who suddenly finds out why he is in the world and sticks with it despite. All the adversity I liked that a lot; I think it is a message that we should all carry”, she reflects.

The film follows the life of Stuart, who after abandoning his career as an amateur boxer due to injury. Moves to Los Angeles in search of fame There he finds a job in a supermarket where he meets Carmen. Who seems immune to the allure of him pretending to be a bad boy.

Determined to win her over, Stuart, a lifelong agnostic. Starts going to church to impress her But it is he who will end up impressed.

Is 'Father Stu' on HBO Max or Netflix?

"Carmen has the ability to believe in him when the outside world did not believe in him. And from there she can find her vocation," says Ruiz about the couple's relationship.

She describes Oaxacans as very generous and kind people "Since. They have a faith and a belief in something that is bigger than them, then they can spend their lives giving," she deepens.

Precisely that faith that she was taught to have about her. Is what has driven her to fight for a space in Hollywood.

She acknowledges that this film has transformed her: “It changed the way I see life I feel calmer. More accompanied by a superior force, by a community I feel safer".

The film is based on the real life of Catholic priest Stuart Long. who despite a devastating health crisis and skepticism from his parents and the Catholic Church, manages to pursue his vocation.

"The Catholic Church doesn't love him (Stuart) for who he is So he defies a lot of those established. Catholic canons and talks about someone who is following his faith and his heart," Ruiz maintains.

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